My job, aside from providing you with wonderful photographs, is to make your session comfortable and fun. When that happens, so does the magic. There are many things to consider for your session, most of which should be addressed below.

What’s this going to be like?

Fun. It’s going to be fun. Prior to your session, we will have a pre-consultation by phone or email to work out the details. The day of your session, I will arrive a bit early to scout out the location, be it in your home or elsewhere. Before we begin shooting, we will review what we discussed during our pre-consultation (the feel of the session, concerns you might have, etc.), and then we’ll be off and running! Literally. If your children are walking, I will be running around with them acting silly. I like for my sessions to unfold as they may. I will ask you to join a shot here and there, and we will certainly grab some great family shots, but I do LOVE the moments captured while crawling, running and playing hide and seek 🙂

How much time is this going to take?

A standard session takes approximately 1 hour. A newborn session is usually closer to 2 hours. And while I will do my best to complete our session together in an efficient manner, mindful of any time restrictions you have, I go entirely off the cues of your children. If a baby needs to nurse, if the kiddos need a snack break, if mom and dad just need a minute alone with the family to regroup…I am more than happy to accommodate, and actually encourage these things to happen! The most important factor in every session is comfort. I will worry about the sunlight, the park closing, and the “must have” shots…you just focus on you and your family!

How do I select the best time for a session?

I generally recommend that maternity sessions take place around 7 months. Newborn sessions should take place approximately 5-12 days after birth. All other sessions can, of course, be scheduled any time! As for the best time of day for a session, early morning and early evening are indeed gorgeous, but they often are not practical when considering the schedules of babies. A more important consideration for little ones is the nap schedule. Post-nap sessions are typically best to ensure that your child(ren) are well rested and ready for some fun!

How do I select the best location?

All sessions take place on-location. If you have something in mind, let me know.  Otherwise, I will offer some suggestions based on the time of year, type of session and your location. I can also shoot at your home if that is your preference. All of my newborn sessions take place in the home.

Ok, I’m in. How do I book a session?

If you are interested in booking a session, simply contact Ashley with your preferred date. Once we are able to confirm the date, time and location of your session you will be provided with a link to complete the contract and deposit information….and then we will set up a time to chat to really begin building your custom session.

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