What to Wear

I am asked this question all the time, but it wasn’t until I had my own family photography session that I really realize how stressful wardrobe selection can be! Here are a few tips to help you along the way.


Don’t match. Coordinate. Yes, there is a difference.

If you have booked a session with me, I hope that at least part of the reason is because you really want YOUR family to be captured. That said, your clothes need to reflect what you love…what you enjoy wearing! I LOVE color in photographs. You don’t need to be a rainbow, but a few complimentary colors add so much to photographs. I especially love rich colors and jewel tones. Pattern and texture can add a fun element as well, but use it sparingly. If there are too many patterns and textures in one photograph, they end up competing with each other rather than complimenting. Finally, if you can layer your outfits, do it! Layers allow us to change things up, have a little fun, and sometimes make you more comfortable.


I love a good accessory. A hat, a scarf, a bold necklace…anything that can add just a touch of whimsy and personality to a photo is fine by me! And for the kiddos, accessories can really be SO much fun. It can keep them engaged, spark the most genuine smiles (or silly faces) and really bring out their adorable personalities. So throw your son’s favorite cape in the bag…or a crazy hat that makes your daughter strut her stuff…you get the idea.


Two words…comfort and location. Pleeeeease wear shoes that are comfortable. If your feet are screaming at you, you won’t be able to be relaxed and natural during our session! Second, consider your location. If we’re going to be running around on the farm, a stiletto boot might not be totally practical. We can do it, but maybe bring a change of shoes 😉 An often overlooked element of a baby’s outfit are the shoes. For the under 1 crowd they are not always necessary, but if you have your little one all dolled up sometimes bare feet don’t always look right. Especially in the winter 🙂 And be careful with socks. If your baby is just going to sport some socks, look at the bottom. There is often tread and/or wording that can be distracting.


I know a lot of women who love make-up, and I know a lot who hate it. Whatever the case may be, I do suggest wearing make-up for your session. Nothing heavy, just enough to bring out your features, even your skin tone and add some interesting contrast. And don’t forget to apply your make-up in natural light. After all, that’s the kind of light we’ll be using during our session.

Hope that helps!

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